Design and Installation:

We design and install modular gardens to suit all budgets. We have pre designed concept garden plans ready to go so you know exactly what you’re getting.


We provide follow up maintenance on the gardens we install

Residential and commercial properties:

Our garden concept plans are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely Home

Shape Scapes will provide you with a garden of beauty and tranquility, to utilise enjoy and revitalise in for years to come.


Sophie And Maria of Shape Scapes have a combined 26 years experience.
They have a wide range of knowledge covering design and installation to maintenance of a variety of gardens.

Recently They have recognised a gap in the market for cost effective and instantaneous garden design. They offer a product that saves time by eliminating the client consultation process.

They have produced ready to order garden concepts that can be modified according to client specifications.

“Installation is straightforward, simple and rapid making the whole process of developing your green space enjoyable and harmonious.”

They provide one all inclusive price catering to all budgets and requirements.

“During these unprecedented times we feel it is essential to have a green serene space to retreat to and enjoy.”


Concept 1: from $3500

Concept 2: from $5000

Concept 3: from $5000

At Shape Scapes we also design personalised gardens, contact us today for a free quote.